Space Frame[Follow Surface] - #6 Grasshopper (Download)
by Dana Krystle on

Painting collection July-August 2015
by Dana Krystle on

Sculpture series #3 - Red
by Dana Krystle on

Franz Award 2015 – International Porcelain Design Competition
by Dana Krystle on

Paintings - 2015
by Dana Krystle on


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    1 year ago
  • درس#1 Rhinoceros3D (Arabic) - Interface درس#2 Rhinoceros3D (Arabic) - Lines and Curves درس#3 Rhinoceros3D (Arabic) - Creating Surfaces درس#4 Rhinoce...
    1 year ago

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  • Coffins - I’ve seen the sky in all it’s shades and colors, I remembered the saints eyes in all it’s grace and sorrows, We live among many fake saints in white thread...
    2 weeks ago

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