Space Frame[Follow Surface] - #6 Grasshopper (Download)

Space frames are essentially three dimensional trusses able to span in two directions. They may be flat for use as roofs, walls or inclined walls, or may be curved to form continuous barrel type roof geometries.

 Space frames are typically designed using a rigidity matrix. The special characteristic of the stiffness matrix in an architectural space frame is the independence of the angular factors. If the joints are sufficiently rigid, the angular deflections can be neglected, simplifying the calculations.-wikipedia

The simplest form of space frame is a horizontal slab of interlocking square pyramids and tetrahedra built from aluminum or tubular steel struts. In many ways this looks like the horizontal jib of a tower crane repeated many times to make it wider. A stronger form is composed of interlocking tetrahedra in which all the struts have unit length. More technically this is referred to as an isotropic vector matrix or in a single unit width an octet truss. More complex variations change the lengths of the struts to curve the overall structure or may incorporate other geometrical shapes. -wikipedia

The Grasshopper definition allows us to create a space frame on any given surfaces, by choosing the number of frames on the U and V coordinates and determining many factors such as the toggling it upwards or downwards,and length or width.

Perspective #1

Perspective #2

Perspective #3

Perspective #4

Perspective #5

Perspective #6

Perspective #7
Your Guide here : note that you must manipulate the numbers if it doesn't work, and maybe the template Unites (millimeters).

You can download the script here :


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