Islamic Pattern Project #3 (Download)

Islamic decoration makes great use of geometric shapes which have developed over the centuries. Many of these derived from various earlier cultures: Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Central Asian, and Persian. They are usually distinguished from the arabesque, the term for decoration in Islamic art based on curving and branching vegetal forms. But sometimes foliage and linear geometric patterns are combined in a single design, and some purely abstract linear patterns adopt designs that seem clearly derived from vegetal arabesque ones. The floral designs have evolved into beautiful and highly complex patterns, still used in many modern day settings.

Modern Islamic Pattern :

Case study : The national Mosque of Malaysia,  Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. 
Image resources :

Exterior View 

Interior View 

3D Rendering of the Project :

Perspective # 1 

Perspective #2
Top View 

You can downland the files here:
Islamic Pattern #3 (Download) | OneDrive

File Includes :
  • Rhino 3D file 
  • AutoCad 2D
  • Photos


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